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The Project section is the central place where all the projects are listed.

project list

Project information in the project list

The following information is shown for each project in the project list:

  • Project name
  • Project client
  • Last update date
  • Price, Cost and Margin of the latest version along with performance indicators for each metric

There are various sorting, filtering and grouping options available.

Default list filtering and sorting

By default, the project list has the following filtering/sorting/grouping applied:

  • archived projects are hidden
  • projects are not grouped
  • projects are sorted by last update date, so that projects updated latest are at the top of the list

Project tags and filtering by tags

project tags

1To toggle tag visibility - click the Tags button at the top of the project list.2You can then enter the tags you want to filter by. Entering more than one tag is possible. The list will only show projects which have all of the entered tags applied.

Showing/hiding archived projects


1Similarly to tags - click the archived projects button to toggle visibility of archived projects.2The project list will update to include archived projects which will be shown in a lighter font and can easily be identified by a distinctive icon next to the project name.

Tag and archived project filters work in combination. If you've clicked to view archived projects in the list - any tag filtering applied will apply to those archived projects as well.

Grouping projects in the list

Projects can be grouped by either client name or last update date. When grouped - the projects are visually clustered together under a single header.

Collapse/Expands grouped projects

You can easily show/hide whole groups of projects by clicking on the group header.

Group performance indicators

In addition to individuals project, group header will show the total metrics (Price, Cost and Margin) as well as performance indicators. These will represent the total metrics of the projects within the group. This is very handy if you need to see the total portfolio metrics per client.

The group metrics only account for projects visible within the group - any filtering applied will affect the group metric values.

Project sorting

Each column can be sorted in either ascending of descending order. Sorting order is indicated by the arrow icon next to the sorted columns header.


As a result, following sorting options are possible:

  • Project name
  • Project client
  • Last update date
  • Price
  • Cost
  • Margin
If the projects are grouped - the sorting happens within groups but also, outside of a specific group. For example: Group 1 has project A and B, and Group 2 has project C. If we are sorting by project name in descending order, groups and projects within them will be shown in the following order:
  1. Group 2:
    1. Project C

  1. Group 1:
    1. Project B
    2. Project A