Managing pending invites

Resending the invite

Once the user is invited - the activation link in their email is valid for 3 days. If they didn't create an account within this time - the link will expire and you will need to resend the invite. To do that click the "Resend" button next to the user name.

Deleting the invite

If you've invited someone by mistake, it's easy to fix! Click the "Delete invite" next to the person's name. This will expire the link in their invite email immediately and they will not be able to activate an account.

Managing users

Deactivating users

Once the user has activated their account, you can deactivate their account by clicking "Deactivate" next to their name. They won't be able to log in until you reactivate their account.

Reactivating users

A deactivated user can be reactivated by clicking "Reactivate" next to their name.