It takes time and experimentation to arrive at a final estimate which you are confident about and your client would accept.

Creating alternative estimate versions allows you to test different scenarios - different resourcing strategy, reduced rates, etc.

You can then compare all estimates between each other.

Creating alternative estimates

There are 2 ways to create additional versions:

  1. Whilst editing a project. Click on the "Create alternative estimate" button in the header. This will create a copy of you current estimate as a separate version.
  2. Whilst viewing all versions. Click on the cog icon for one of the versions and select "Duplicate". As opposed to the first option - this will create a duplicate of the selected version.

Comparing version between each other

Price&Cost not only shows the different Budget / Internal Cost / Profit metrics for every version, but also communicates the difference in a visual way - through gauges.

Let's assume you have created 2 versions. The first one would result in the following metrics:

The gauges are all in the initial position, since this was your first version.

If you've created a new version and changed the team composition, increasing all the metrics. See how the gauges change:

Since we've increased the Budget significantly comparing to previous version - the gauge is showing red. Same applies to the Internal Cost metric. However, the Profit increase is a positive thing - therefore it's all green.

We compare all the versions to a Baseline version. By default - your first version on the project becomes the baseline. Once you start tracking the project - your first tracked version becomes the Baseline.