You can add 3 types of resources to your project:

  • People - work that’s done by people and quantified in either man-days or hours.
  • Materials - all the materials you are planning to use on the project. These will be quantified in number of units. Learn more
  • Other Costs - all other costs you anticipate on the project. These will be items that are hard to quantify, e.g “Travel expenses”. Learn more

Adding People and their planned time

To add People and their planned time to your project you will need to enter both:

  • Resource names / roles and their internal cost / client rate
  • The time you plan to use them for on your project

Note: If you've added a non-billable project, you will only need to enter internal costs

  1. Click on the "Add resource" link
  2. Since it's you first project - you are unlikely to have any resource saved yet. To add a new resource, type their Name and choose to Add as new resource.

    Resources in Price&Cost consist of 2 parts - their Name and their Role. In this example we are using a resource with name "Joseph" and we will be defining their role as "Consultant".
  3. Enter the Role for selected resource and confirm your selection
  4. Click Add resource
  5. Enter the Internal cost for the resource (this is how much a day or hour of using Joseph on the project will cost you). You can select if the cost is per hour or per day.
  6. Now, Enter the Client rate (if it's a billable project). This is how much you charge your client for a day or hour of Joseph's time on the project. The best thing is that you can mix different units of time across Internal Cost and Client rate - e.g your rate card with the client states rates per hour, however, you only have the internal cost per day to hand.

  7. Once you've added necessary People to the project, let's enter how much time they'll spend. You can enter the effort for people either per day or per week. Enter the Planned time for each resource

Price&Cost offers flexible ways to enter and view your data - you can choose effort grid scale, hours or man-day entry.

As you are entering the values, the Budget, Internal Cost and Profit in the header change to show the total for the project. You will also see the total Budget in the tab header.