You can add 3 types of resources to your project:

  • People - work that’s done by people and quantified in either man-days or hours. Learn more
  • Materials - all the materials you are planning to use on the project. These will be quantified in number of units.
  • Other Costs - all other costs you anticipate on the project. These will be items that are hard to quantify, e.g “Travel expenses”. Learn more

Adding Materials and their planned quantity

Adding Materials to your project is similar to adding People. However, Materials are priced per item and you will be entering the total quantity, rather than effort.

  1. Add Material name
  2. Enter the Internal cost for a unit of this Material (this is how much this Material will cost you).
  3. Now enter the Client price (if it's a billable project). This is how much you charge your client for a a unit of this material on the project.
  4. Next, enter the Total quantity of this material you are planning to use on the project.

As you are entering the Materials, the Budget, Internal Cost and Profit in the header change to show the total for the project. You will also see the total Budget in the tab header.