For every project synchronized with Harvest (either through initial import on Harvest integration set up or for projects sent to Harvest), we will perform a full synchronization every night.

The synchronization can also be triggered manually from the Integration settings page.

What happens during the sync

  1. For each synced project we will receive the time-entries from Harvest from the start of the project until today (inclusive).
  2. For each project, we will check if the time on the project until today differs from what we've received from Harvest (in other words - if there's been additional timesheets submitted or anything has changed for past timesheets already recorded in Price&Cost).
  3. If we see a change - we will create a new version of the project and add a comment to it Created by Harvest sync
  4. In this new version, we will overwrite your planned time for each resource with the actuals from Harvest. Your Forecast (anytime on the project from today onwards) will stay as planned. We encourage you to periodically check the remainder of the project is still relevant - often things change a lot compared to how you planned them initially.
  5. Next day - we will overwrite another day in your plan and so on...

As you can see the process is rather simple - we combine your actuals from Harvest with the initial plan in Price&Cost. This ensures that every time you get to see the full projected Budget, Internal Costs and Profitability of a project.

You might notice that we sync not just last day or last 2 weeks of the project with Harvest timesheets, but rather update all the time on the project from the first day.

Why? That's because often people forget to submit timesheets on time or they may have been off sick and didn't get a chance to do that. Synchronizing all the way to the beginning of project every time ensure we capture those time entries as well

Next, learn how we deal with some tricky use-cases:

  • What happens if in Price&Cost my project starts in 1 month, but people start submitting time in Harvest against it already today?
  • What happens if in Price&Cost my forecast ends today, but the team is still working on the project and continue submitting time?
  • What if I planned for a resource to work for 8 hours last week, but plans have changed and they were reassigned to another job?
  • What if someone who's not originally planned on the project in Price&Cost submits their time in Harvest?
  • What if my project in Harvest is set in a way, where people submit time against a specific task (depending on the task their doing that day) and bill rates depend on the task?
  • What happens if people submit time against a non-billable task in Harvest, but I planned then as a billable resource on a project in Price&Cost?