Learn how to import your resource plan from Forecast into Price&Cost

Why import from Forecast into Price&Cost?

Forecast is a great tool for visual team scheduling, used for both short-term and long-term planning. Once resources are allocated between projects in Forecast - importing the data into Price&Cost allows you to refine the resourcing and precisely forecast project Budget, Internal Costs, Profitability.

Once the project starts - you are likely going to be changing the allocation on the projects on a weekly basis. Periodically importing this data in Price&Cost ensures your Resource plans for remaining time on the projects are updated and you get the most accurate financial projections.

If you are using Forecast - chances are you are using Harvest as well for time-tracking (check out our Harvest integration). Price&Cost + Harvest integration + Forecast import is a truly magical combination!

Is there a native integration coming between Forecast and Price&Cost?

As soon as Harvest release their Forecast API publically - we would be amongst the first to integrate with it! So far, Forecast doesn't have a publically available API.