One of the key parts of our integration with Harvest is the ability to estimate a project in Price&Cost and Sync this estimate to Harvest.

Leverage all the flexibility, scenario planning and more importantly - understanding of project financials at a point of estimation. Once ready - send your estimate to Harvest at a click of a button.

Sending a project estimate to Harvest

When you've enabled Harvest integration, you will see a "Send to Harvest" button at the top right when estimating a project.

Clicking this, will send the currently viewed version of the project to Harvest.

Project properties and settings when sending a project estimate to Harvest

Some project properties will sync automatically:

  • Project name
  • Project type (read more about how we map project types in Price&Cost to Harvest)
  • Project start/end dates
  • Project budget (monetary)

With remaining project properties - you can configure the following:

  • Client name (we will pre-populate this field for you, but you can change it)
  • Resources assigned as per the project version you are sending (learn more here)
    • Bill Rates for Resources as per the project version your are sending
  • Effort Estimates as per project version you are sending (learn more here)

By default, all projects sent from Price&Cost to Harvest will have their budget set as Total Project Fees. If you are also syncing Estimated effort (read here) - we'll set the budget as Hours per person

If you have all the options checked, on sending an estimate from Price&Cost like the below:

we'll create the following project in Harvest for you:

Once the project estimate is sent and a new project is created in Harvest, Price&Cost will show display a Harvest icon next to the project name and "Synced with Harvest" status text instead of the "Send to Harvest" button.

When you send the project Estimate from Price&Cost to Harvest - we create a Baseline version in Price&Cost (that serves as a reference point for further tracking).

From here on - we will automatically sync actual time from Harvest to Price&Cost daily so you can always stay on top of your project financials.