How are team members assigned to Harvest projects?

If you have the "Assign team members to project in Harvest" option checked - we'll find a matching resources in your Harvest account and assign them to the newly created project in Harvest as a team member, so they can track time.

We will just skip assigning those resources that we couldn't find in your Harvest account. We won't create any new resources in Harvest on your behalf.

How are Bill Rates defined for team members assigned to Harvest projects?

Together with assigning team members to a project, we will also sync the Bill Rates for Resources as set in your project in Price&Cost.  If, however, we were able to synchronise the Bill Rates when you initially connected your Harvest account - we'll use those Bill Rates by default. But Price&Cost allows you to customise rates for every project. This is especially useful if you either don't have these defined in Harvest and we couldn't sync them or want to run with custom Bill Rates for a specific project.

Bill Rates for Resources in Price&Cost

Are synced on sending the project to Harvest